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Welcome to Me Banking

Welcome BoF Customers!

The Bank of Fayetteville is officially part of the Farmers and Merchants family. We look forward to serving the Fayetteville community with "Me Banking" solutions for years to come! Here you can learn about how FM Bank started…  

Farmers and Merchants Bank. That’s sure an old fashioned name, isn’t it? But we like it and here’s why:

Our bank was founded in 1945 in Stuttgart, Arkansas and that’s where we are still headquartered today. Currently we have branches in seven communities in Arkansas. And we’ve never forgotten why we’re in business in the first place.

The folks who started our bank back then did so to make sure working folks could borrow the money to run their farms, fund their businesses, and build their families’ futures here on the Grand Prairie of Arkansas. And they wanted a safe place where folks could deposit their money and earn a fair interest rate.

Along the way, we’ve worked to offer the latest conveniences, too. Did you know we were the first bank in the area to have a drive-in window? We were the first in the county to have an automatic teller machine. Then came telephone banking, internet banking and now mobile and tablet banking and bill pay.

As we’ve grown, expanding into neighboring counties and into other parts of the state, and we’ve added those electronic services never dreamed of in 1945, we are reminded always of our mission:

…to provide a financial institution that improves the well-being and promotes the success of our employees and customers by treating all with dignity, respect and compassion.

That’s why we love it when you say ‘that’s my bank!’ And that’s why we call our way of doing business Me Banking.