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Farmers & Merchants Bank


Protect your identity and your finances.

Identity Theft & Fraud Protection

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Lost or Stolen Card

  • Debit Cards
    To report a lost/stolen card or for account related inquiries, call 833-221-8675.
  • Credit Cards
    For credit card customer service and to report a lost or stolen card call, 800-423-7503.

You may also visit your branch to follow the same procedures listed above.

Please Note: Always read your liability disclosures pertaining to the loss or theft or your bank cards.

Security Breach and Fraud

When news breaks of security breaches at major retailers, we immediately go to work looking for any of our customers who may be at risk. We issue new debit and credit cards at no charge to you if your account is on a compromised security list. Always contact us if you believe your account may be at risk.

Safe & Secure

We do not call you or email you asking for your account number or password. When you call us for account information we will ask you certain questions to verify your identity. Please be cautious with your personal information and help us protect you from fraudulent activity. Let us know if you receive suspicious phone calls, emails, or account activity immediately.

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